Monday, November 16, 2009

It's Done!

After a rest period I went in and added a bunch of shadows, did a bit more refining, and decided to add an acrylic varnish over all to give it a wet look. Now, given that I've used some pastels in this piece, that was tricky. Rather than "mixed media", I could almost say "kitchen sink"! This has ended up with:
* heavy watercolor paper
* layers of tissue paper and rice paper
* acrylic on top of that
* some pastel
* just a touch of charcoal
* adding a bit more paper
* more acrylic
* varnish over all
I guess I could try to throw in some ink somewhere, but I think I've done enough!

I've been calling this piece Splish, but in reality I'm going to ask my daughter to name it. Her birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year, and I can say I'm truly thankful she is my daughter. Fortunately, she never thinks to look at my blog unless I remind her, so she hasn't seen this in process.

Today I pick up some packaging supplies and tomorrow it gets shipped! Wish I could be there to sing happy birthday when she opens it!!

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