Friday, November 13, 2009

Working on a mixed media piece

Follow along as I work on this new mixed media piece. My daughter requested something like this for her birthday. She had a specific theme in mind for the image and she wanted the heavy texture similar to oil applied with a palette knife. I don't do oil, but I've been doing more and more acrylic and recently started experimenting with collage and with pastel. So, my challenge became how to give my "little girl" something in line with what she wants and still with my style and material choices:

I started with heavy, 300 lb., watercolor paper and layered on quite a bit of tissue paper. Big pieces, small pieces, several colors, many squished (a technical term) then spread back out to be deliberately wrinkly. A final layer of an aqua tissue paper went on top of the other layers except for the people and umbrellas. Both the black paper and some of the white have bits of glitter embedded, this chosen for the sense of rain drops.

I've started adding acrylic paint on top of the paper. It will get lots more acrylic and possibly some pastel before it's done. I'l post again in a day or two to see where we are by then.

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