Saturday, October 24, 2009

Portrait of a little girl

When I participated in the 1st Saturday event in October, I set up my stuff and painted at the local garden center. This little girl arrived with her mama, not for the art, but to look at plants. I was simply captivated by her chubby cheeks under the big sun-bonnet and asked mama if I could take a couple of pics with my phone. I always wonder if I'll be suspected of being some kind of weirdo when I do that, but the mom was quite cheerful about my request.

None too surprisingly, my little model was shy. The actual photo has her looking down and more serious in expression & holding onto mom's pants. I did get to see a very sweet smile appear when I wasn't trying to get a photo. So, I decided to paint her looking up and holding some lavender. The painting started out bigger with a lavender field going on to the right, but after it was done, I wanted the emphasis to be simply on the child so I cut the painting down to this view.

This is done in watercolor on watercolor paper. I've been doing a bit of mixed media lately, but I wanted to keep the softness and watery look of pure watercolor for this one.

Wonder why I like so much to paint little kids when they are so hard to capture? Not enough shading gives a flat painting; too much and the child suddenly looks like a little old man/woman. I always did like a challenge.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Art with kids

These are some of the students at our local grade school.

I've been working once a week on an art project with the kids. They've been doing a watercolor underpainting, and this week and next they'll be adding "stuff" on top for a mixed media work.

Then, we'll have a kids art show at a local gallery in conjunction with a day that Senior Bazaar goes on and there is lots of traffic in the area.

Working with the kiddos has been great fun. I've always felt that for me to try to be a teacher would likely result with me in jail for murder, or at least mayhem. Maybe my tolerance level has increased a bit with age. Anyway, it's been super fun.

My own art has been somewhat set aside for the time though, and I'm longing to get back to it. I actually have a day "off" today (I'm not sure "off" from what since I'm retired but my schedule is full) so maybe I'll paint.