Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Art with kids

These are some of the students at our local grade school.

I've been working once a week on an art project with the kids. They've been doing a watercolor underpainting, and this week and next they'll be adding "stuff" on top for a mixed media work.

Then, we'll have a kids art show at a local gallery in conjunction with a day that Senior Bazaar goes on and there is lots of traffic in the area.

Working with the kiddos has been great fun. I've always felt that for me to try to be a teacher would likely result with me in jail for murder, or at least mayhem. Maybe my tolerance level has increased a bit with age. Anyway, it's been super fun.

My own art has been somewhat set aside for the time though, and I'm longing to get back to it. I actually have a day "off" today (I'm not sure "off" from what since I'm retired but my schedule is full) so maybe I'll paint.

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