Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day Two working on Splish

Quite a bit more acrylic and now some pastels have been added to the top of the mixed papers. I toned down the vivid yellow and the bright apple green, both the original paper colors. I also did a very small amount of refining of shapes. Part of what I like about this is how the paper pieces have determined the posture of the people - some are walking, some bend into the wind, etc. - and I didn't want to spoil that.

In looking at this piece from across the room I decided the "hole" in the middle was sucking the life out of it, so I went back and added another paper shape to fill that space, then went through the refining process with that guy.

Streaks of rain and shadowy puddles have been added with paint and/or pastel. I need to let this one sit a day or two and decide how much more it needs - or doesn't! One of my biggest problems artistically is knowing when I'm done. Often that last touch or flourish will ruin a piece for me. So, this one will sit and gel a bit now. Check back on Monday!

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