Monday, December 7, 2009

Another birthday, another painting

My son's birthday is December 20th. Since I can never get a read on what he'd really like - and that I can afford - I decided to paint him a dream. I know he has a boat and spends a great deal of time on a lake outside Atlanta. I've never seen either boat or lake. But, my dream is of this time of year, a storm brewing over the lake, white-caps showing, and the green of the southern pines for a backdrop. Now, I know his lake may look nothing like this. But my dream of his lake does.

Once again it's mixed media. Hidden within this piece is a ton of paper, tiny scraps of white, black, yellow, several shades of green, a lot of blues, some reds and purples and wines. And on top of all that paper is acrylic paint. Not as much as you might think. All that's left to do is varnish once I'm certain it's thoroughly dry. Then it's off to Atlanta. Maybe I need to put in a Starbucks card just in case he hates the painting!

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