Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Isn't that the noise cartoonists used to use to signify indignation, etc.? Well, here's me going HARUMP!

I really like working with a painting, having it indicate to me where it wants to go - - but, this one has become really opinionated! And, I'm not too happy about it all!

Anyway, I've added quite a bit more paint, still acrylic, but thinned out some now. The parts that insisted on being fallen trees look suspiciously like shadows of standing trees. So, I'll be needing to work on that. And, I simply can't catch in a photograph how the different papers and paints play together. The piece does look much better in person than when photo'd, something to do with how some of the papers reflect. More work to do.

When I'm taking a break from that particular frustration, I turn to what I'm calling "the little guys" - a series of 4 x 6 pastels in museum type matting but w/o frames. For reasons unknown to me they all want to be organic. These two, an extreme close up of leaf veining, and a sprig of manzanita are joined by one depicting lichen on a chunk of granite. Lots of greens running around in my brain. Hmmmm. . . could that mean lots of money on its way? Could be!

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  1. I have a closet of shame where I put the ones that aren't behaving. Sometimes the magic little elves do their work and make vast improvements out of my site. Sometimes I have an epiphany and know exactly what to do. And sometimes I start my woodstove with them.
    But they all get a nice long time in the closet of shame to make up their minds.