Sunday, February 21, 2010

Changes in Edges

One of the things I like about mixed media, especially working with mixed papers, is that it reminds me to allow the painting to have a say in where it wants to go. In watercolor, surprisingly, I can be too controlled.

Anyway, I went in to this painting and added quite a bit of heavy bodied acrylic on top of the various papers. Then I stepped back and looked at it. . . .

Well, I lost too much of the effect I wanted from the paper. And those scrunchy areas that I had in mind to be brush seemed to want to be roots. And, when you get to know the Sequoias you learn that some must die in order that others may live (hmmm, kinda like humanity) and that fallen trees always exist in an undisturbed areas of Sequoias.

So, I went back with more paper on top of the paint. I added some golden browns for the fallen trees and part of the tree trunks. The center tree reminded me that older Sequoias nearly always have long, long trunks with the branches toward the top. The really ancient ones have only a top knot.

We'll see where this takes me tomorrow!

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