Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Summer Lightning

New Painting
Summer Lightning

This one was great FUN to do! It has 2 Fibonacci Series hidden beneath the top. There are two series of circles, one very light, one medium light, running diagonally; then very dark underpainting in the areas not covered by the circles. All of this was done before any of the top painting - Oh, I did mask the lightning itself. Over the top went all the rest of the layers upon layers of watercolor. (I love using watercolor in a manner that looks not so much like watercolor.) And, I allowed the paint to determine where "trees" would be, where "rock" would be, etc. Well, I had a general idea of where stuff should end up and put the colors there, but the paint decided how to flow, where to pool, etc. At times the whole thing was so wet the paper was buckling and looking pretty iffy. But, it would dry flat, and suddenly there would be trees or rock or fire.

And, I like the "feel" of this one. I love lightning and storms, especially how they feel so powerful. Quite cool, huh? It's 12 x 16, watercolor on paper, unframed. $250

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