Saturday, July 4, 2009

The other side of me

Aside from Art with a capital A I like to do fun things. Sometimes it's garden art; sometimes it's something recycled; and sometimes it's Fiona.

I've done a series of Fiona's Fairy Filosofy full of little sayings from the uplifting to the silly; and, if I can ever master Cafepress, she will soon appear in all her glory in a "store".

Fiona appeared about a year and a half ago from nowhere. I think I was going through a bit of depression and she popped up from my unconscious or the universe or a god of one form or another to remind me that life can be easy if I let it. Once she made her appearance, I couldn't turn her off! She continues to send me little blurbs to be turned into cartoons - an art form I've never, ever had an interest in!

Once I have Fiona's store up and running, I plan to work on her counterpart. He doesn't have a name yet, and I'm open to suggestion on that; but he will have sarcastic little sayings like "it's always darkest right before it turns pitch black." That, by the way, is courtesy of my husband who tends to supply me with all the sarcasm one could want! And, what to do with all that - paint it of course!

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