Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quazy for Quail

OK, I know I shouldn't put up a picture of an unfinished painting, but I can't resist. I love quail! Love them, you hear! So, I'm doing a series of quail paintings, probably 4, and will have note cards made.

This one is called The Watcher. I've got the next number sketched out. It's going to be a close up of two quail, male and female, with the male in his breeding plumage and looking like he's strutting his stuff.

Sometimes one can't fight where their head is, and right now, I just can't get mine out of the way enough to work in abstract. So a quail series it is.

And, in another area of creative endeavor, I just made a vegetarian paella for dinner. My husband found the recipe in a bicycle magazine of all places! It's got a bunch of ingredients, takes many steps, uses several pans, took a full hour, and is totally worth the effort!

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