Saturday, April 18, 2009

Does it have to be Art with a capital A?

When people talk about ART it often takes on the feel of awe - think Michelangelo, think stuffy museums - and the eyes of many glaze over as they quickly lose interest. It doesn't have to be like that! If one can let go of the idea of making a mess, or worse yet making a "mistake", art can have a small A and enter all aspects of living.

For example, these candle holders are made from old water valves found for a quarter each at a garage sale. My husband cleaned them up, attached them to a board and affixed a nail to the handle portion of each. Viola! Love, love, love the idea of fire and water combined.

And this plant rooter, marble holder gizmo - a technical term if ever there was one - was created from parts of a broken chandelier. One of my oldest and dearest friends sent the chandelier for use in our home as we were building. It broke in transit, and we had to get another. But a few rescued pieces combined into this creation, and yes, it is waterproof!

This piece could be called Rock Around the Clock or possibly Doing Hard Time. In the area where we lived in New Mexico this type of red rock naturally breaks into thin slices. The splotches are lichen. After getting my husband to drill them for me, I created several clocks that were used as Christmas gifts that year.

And this little piece is a wreath made of succulents - easy to do, hard to kill, and just plain fun. It's now blooming. The two old wooden wheels were purchased at a junk store.

The thing is that giving my imagination free reign now and then takes me to interesting places and comes up with pieces of small-A art that can grace my life in unexpected ways. This in turn can jump-start the creative process to get me back painting! It's all connected.

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