Friday, August 28, 2009

Mixed Media Madness

Check out the featured painting above. Flow is a combination of watercolor, acrylic and pastel on watercolor paper.
I love it when a painting takes on a mind of its own and goes somewhere I hadn't planned! This one was going to be much more realistic as a river scene. I even planned a raft of people shooting the rapids. But, when it got going, the painting Gods took over and the whole thing went a different direction.
I really like playing with layering different media together. This painting started out very "soft" with a first layer or two of watercolor. It was. . . OK. . . but not special; and I'd had mixed media in mind anyway. So, on to the acrylics, then the pastel, some fixative for safety and some more acrylic, then a final bit of pastel. None of it "planned". Yep, it's fun.

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