Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Soon we'll be launching a new web site devoted to my pet portraits.  Yeah!  It's been a long time coming.

Here is a painting of my father-in-law and his kitty, mixed media, on a combo of canvas and mixed papers,  I would say "featuring" a pet.

And, here is something I did for my husband, he and our two dogs hiking, done in pastel on sanded paper, "including" pets.

And, this is a pet portrait, up close and personal, meant to capture the personality of the pet, done in acrylic on a gallery wrapped canvas, and meant to be hung sans frame.

It's the portraits that will be featured on the new site.  Yes, I'll still do other things; but this will be devoted to critters and those of us who love them.

Keep watching.  I'll let you know when the website, petportraitsbyeddie.com, is up and running.


  1. Hi Eddie Mac!
    I reeeally like the painting of Scott's father with the gato! I think that's a really important angle to approach as well. For instance, I'm too close to you, the web site and the idea mill to really guage my personal interest for a pet portrait (I also don't really have a pet), BUT! when I saw that painting, I thought, how cool to have a portrait of my dad with ole Cosmo or my Mom with persnickety Cookie. I love the 'loved one' with the 'loved one' angle. Can we include that one on the site?

  2. Dammit!
    I wish I could paint!
    I reeeally reeelly want to be able to paint
    You're a frickin wizard! I mean... Did you, by chance, meet a dark figure at the crossroads at some point?
    a li'l Robert Johnson reference there...