Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Dormant grasses the color of ripe wheat; deep shadows cast by ancient oaks; moss on rocks turned brown; buckeye trees shedding their leaves - it's summer in the foothills of the Sierra.

Next in the weather series will be HEAT. I think I'll take a drive up to Mineral King (by the way, did you see the mention in Sunset magazine of this local wonder?) and take a few more photos.

Capturing the feel of Foothill Storm was an interesting challenge; capturing HEAT will be at least as tough. Perhaps having grown up on a farm and lived the effects of weather - hail destroying a wheat crop, too much rain flooding out a field, too little rain leaving no crop - is why I've always had the fascination with weather.

And, isn't inspiration a funny thing? We take it where we find it. For some it's in beautiful flowers; for others in music or dance. Mine often is pulled from good ol' Mom Nature. Yep, Mom, not Mother. We're close enough to be pretty casual with each other.

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